BlazBlue's shyguy bug man
Vital statistics
Appearance BlazBlue
Catchphrase AzureAzureAzureAzureAzureAzure KYAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!
Weapon Bone Manipulation and BEES!!!
Gender Male
Race Unknown (Squiggly Thingy)
Organization Unknown
Origins Unknown
Tier S


At some point before the events of the Blazblue storyline, Arakune was a scientist who worked with Litchi Faye Ling in Sector Seven. Somewhere Arakune was used as an experiment in order to cross into the Boundary, which has made him into the monstrosity that is known today in the Blazblue Universe. It seems his one sole purpose is to consume the Azure Grimore held by Ragna the Bloodedge as he believes this will increase his power.


Faust + Eddie + Slayer + Zappa + Testament

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
follow 6B
6A Forward A Overhead, good for mixups and starting combos.
6B Forward B Leaves the opponent staggered.
follow 5C
follow 2C
2A Crouching A Good, solid poke. Hits low.
2C Crouching C Charges as the opponent quickly.
3C Diagonal Down C Teleports Arakune a short ways forward and bites. Very unsafe.
j.B Aerial B Good for starting air-to-ground pressure when falling.
j.6A Aerial forward A Makes a horizontal spike that sends Arakune forward a little.
j.6B Aerial forward B Basically same as above.
j.6C Aerial forward C Basically same as above.
j.2A Aerial down A Sends Arakune downward and forward attacking. Can cancel into j.2B or j.2C on hit.
j.2A Aerial down B Sends Arakune downward attacking. Can cancel into j.2A or j.2C on hit.
j.2A Aerial down C Sends Arakune downward and backward attacking. Can cancel into j.2A or j.2B on hit.
j.44 Full-screen teleport Aerial backdash on the edge of the screen to go to the other end very quickly.
5D Standing Drive Breaths a short-ranged cloud that curses on hit.
6D Forward Drive Summons a bell that slowly floats down in front of Arakune. Curses.
2D Crouching Drive Shoots out a creature that hits once going into the ground and again coming up. Boths hits curse.
j.D Aerial Drive Spawns a creature below Arakune that curses on hit. Its placement can be altered by pressing Drive with a direction.
214A, B, or C if P then Q Three types of moves that send an illusional image of Arakune out that causes him to return where he started.
j.214A, B, or C if P then Q Same as above, except he returns to a grounded state.
236B Equals 0 Causes Arakune to become barely visible. It goes away as soon as Arakune physically hits, gets hit by, or blocks the opponent.
236D Zero Vector One of three curse clouds that curse on hit or block.
236C y.two-dash Spinning tentacle attack.
Distortion Drives
236236C f-Inverse Becomes a spider that shoots a laser out of its back. Arakune can move slightly in this state.
j.214214D f of g Catches opponent below Arakune and sends a horde of bugs upward. Curses if successful. Unblockable.
Astral Finish
34123646D n to Infinity This Astral Finish turns Arakune into a giant eye that travels across the screen in one of four patterns. On block it guard breaks, on barrier guard it completely drains the barrier bar and puts the opponent in a "danger" state, and on hit it kills; it can be done while invisible and bugs can still be summoned while the Astral Finish is activated. Only available in "Console" mode, thus not tournament legal.
Input Attack Quick Notes

Basic Strategy Edit

Arakune is fragile but fast, using him will be tough if you cannot Curse your opponent. Stay about arm's length away, Cursing will be your top priority. Using j.236D is very useful for limiting jump space as well as a combo barrier. i.e. Curse -> Launch, preferably 6C (hits cloud) -> j.B etc. Effectively manipulating your curse bugs and the placement of field obstructions is very essential to make up for the sub-par stats (2nd lowest Health) and generally unpredictable/erratic movement patterns. Feinting movements with "if p then q" is useful for dodging a short move like A and some Bs, then countering.

Poorly tested string:

Curse (J.236D) -> J.2B -> (Mash A, B, C) -> J.2B -> Rinse, repeat

Arakune is very weak without his curse. He has low HP and mediocre strength, fighting Hakumen (deadly specials) or v-13 (outzone, more control) will be very problematic. To remedy this, instant block then counter with 6C or j.6C. Watch your curse bar, and what you're outputting because firing bugs leaves you vulnerable to lengthy moves like v-13's Distortion Drives. *Getting hit or getting your throw broken cancels the currently afflicted curse*

Each attack button calls a different bug. Calling a bug drains a bit of the Crimson gauge. The bugs' trajectories can be altered with the control stick. A bug: Bug arcs down towards your opponent from behind them. B bug: Bug flies down on the line y=-x (<- lol, Arakune approves) towards your opponent from behind you. C bug: A bug comes up from the ground in a small arc, low to the ground, towards you. D bug [why wasn't this here...? XD]: A bug floats down from the top of the screen in a parabola. It goes slower while it's curving back upwards. || Also, something good to know is that the bugs don't appear once you simply push the buttons, but after you release them. Example: If you do 5A -> 6B, but instead of letting go of B, you hold it down, then the B bug will not appear until you release the B button. Some of Arakune's longer combos require you to alter the trajectories of the bugs. Bugs are also useful for pressuring turtles and shifting the Libra.

Combos Edit

Advanced Analysis Edit

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His taunt is similar to Robo-Ky's battle intro wher he sits on a throne that is a part of him.

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