Vital statistics
Appearance GGXXAC
Weapon her wings?
Gender Female
Race Human Gear
Organization (none)


Dizzy fights with the help of her two wings that possess their own sentience: the ice-based Undine, and the death-oriented Necro.

Dizzy requires time and space to set up her various accessories, and so fares poorly when caught in a corner.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
236 K or S Hajime wa tada no akari datta n desu Ice sickle. Arcs aloft and falls, or rises from low to high.
236 H Sakana wo toru toki ni tsukatteta n desu
421 S .hold Kinomi wo toru toki ni tsukatteta n desu Ice spear. Hovers while holding S. Release to strike. Aims straight for opponent.
214 P or K or S or H Yoku hanashiaite ni natte kuremasu "ice fish"; summons flying ice creature with varied attacks depending on button.
j.214 P or K or S Hitori ni shite kudasai (summon) "bubble"; creates a bubble directed straight, angle down, or nearly straight down.
any attack Hitori ni shite kudasai (pop) "bubble burst"; attack your bubble as if it were hittable to cause burst; burst hit causes float on opponent.
Force Breaks
j.214 D Hitori ni shite kudasai (summon) "bubble"; homes on and sticks to opponent. Burst the bubble as normal.
632146 S Imperial Ray Chain of fire explosions along the ground; "wall of flame".
632146 P Necro Okotta Baai Grab. Necro takes over Dizzy's body to shoot arrows at the opponent, entombed in an Iron Maiden.
6461236 H Gamma Ray Gigantic laser cannon. 100% tension.
Instant Kill
charge 2, 8462 PH Dizzy gets these headaches, and momentarily turns into powered up Gear form, reverting back soon after; contact with the transformed Dizzy causes death. Install Kill Mode change not required.
Input Attack Quick Notes

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