Ggxxac cs fa
Dr. Faust, as he appears in Accent Core
Vital statistics
Appearance Guilty Gear X: By Your Side
Weapon 6-foot scalpal
Gender Male
Race Human
Origins China
Tier Mid


Faust first appeared in the original Guity Gear as Dr. Baldhead, a doctor that went mad after accidentally murdering one of his child patients. After finding that it really wasn't his fault, he regained his sanity and put a bag over his head in shame of what he did in his mad rampage. He now travels the world, aiding the sick and healing the injured wherever they may be.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
6P Forward Punch Anti-air. Launches.
5K Standing Kick Anti-air. Counter hit causes wall stick.
2K Crouching Kick Anti-air. First hit is JC-able, third hit hits low.
j.K Aerial Kick Faust's only JC-able air attack. Hits high
2S Crouching Tongue Anti-air.
6H Forward Heavy Slash Strong, slow overhead.
5D Standing Dust Invincibility on startup. Hits high.
5T Kao FLASH It's a taunt that can hit you. :)
41236K Rerere no Tsuki Long range scalpel stab.
follow 4 Pull Back Pulls back toward Faust.
follow 236P Hello Throws into air.
follow 236P Speak Up Follows after throw.
follow 236P Hello Again Hand slap after follow.
236P What's Next? Throws a random item.
j.236P Love Throws his head as a bomb.
214 P or K In your Face Disappears under a blanket and opens a door to hit you.
214S Look out below Disappears under a blanket and falls from the sky. Has two FRC points.
j.236H Going My Way Spins in a half circle motion in the air.
236S Souten Enshin Ranbu (pogo stance) Mounts self on scalpel like a pogo.
Pogo Stance 66 Forward Move Bends down forward.
Pogo Stance 44 Backward Move Bends backward and will face opponent if necessary.
Pogo Stance 9 Forward Hop Hop forward quickly.
Pogo Stance P Neck Periscope Extends head downward for a quick overhead.
Pogo Stance K Growing Flower Flower appears on Faust's head. Good anti-air.
Pogo Stance S Hana daro? Flower appears on ground in front of Faust, launches.
Pogo Stance H Going My Way Spins upward in a straight line.
Pogo Stance D What's Next? See above.
214H Mettakiri Grab-like attack that hits 8 times.
Force Breaks
j.236D Rerere no Choutsuki Quickly in pogo stance.
214D Sudden Hello Hand slap from the ground.
follow Pull Back 236D Koko kara ga Midokoro desuyo! Hits with baseball bat. Wallbounces opponent if not followed up.
follow 236D Shichousha Zen'in Service Causes bomb explosion. Can be slashbacked.
236236P Super What's Next? Throws four items at once.
236236S Gamble Attack Press P, K, S, or H to to set the box, then hope opponent doesn't pick it.
Instant Kill
236236 H This Week's Climax! Faust arbitrarily places the opponent on an operating table and then blows up the area.
Input Attack Quick Notes

Item Summon Specs Edit

This item can shut up the opponent mid-move or help keep them confined. It doesn't last very long on the screen so you can throw another item fairly quickly. It also has a good dizzy rating.
The pan plays the same role as the hammer, but it stays up a little longer and comes down a little faster a little further away. Same dizzy rating as hammer.
If this hits, the hand slap off of rerere no tsuki becomes powered up and flaming the next time it is used. As far as the item itself goes, it's not very good as it stays out on the screen longer, does less damage, and has less block stun than the hammer.
Poison is a decent roadblock with a lot of active frames that can keep ground advancement for a couple seconds. The actual poison effect lasts 6.25 seconds, about half as long as Testament's poison.
Pfft, not great. It only restores 15 health on pickup and can effectively end Faust's throwing ability if the opponent doesn't pick it up and keeps it from being picked up.
Chocolate Bar
It plays the same game as the Doughnut, but gives about 1/16 of tension gauge on pickup.
This item grants the screen to you in a brightly colored birthday present. Use it for mindgames, lockdown, cross ups, air-throws, or ground throws. Just be careful, Potemkin can flick it and Order-Sol can punch it.
These are good for making the opponent turtle and making them throwable. They are also good for ending an opponent's pressure or combo if they ignore it or don't notice it.
He falls from the sky moderately fast, and as soon as he's grounded another item can be thrown. While on the ground he moves forward and can add an extra hit to a pressure string.
He weaves back and forth in the sky for quite a while before landing, significantly reducing the opponent's aerial options. After he's landed, any hit will cause electric damage and knockdown.
He's on the ground quickly so another item can be throw soon after, and can hit three times before leaving the screen so rushdowns can become more intimidating. He's also a real pain for the opponent in other situations because he takes forever to go away.

Basic Strategy Edit

Faust best deals in keeping the opponent locked in a confined space with his long range pokes and item summons.

Zoning and the FDC Edit

Combos Edit

Bread & Butter Combos (Important to learn)Edit

Faust AC Ground Gatling Combinations 01

Faust's Ground gatlings

Faust AC Aerial Gatling Combinations 01

Faust's Aerial Gatlings

  • 236S > S > H
  • j.2K > 236D > P > D > S > H
  • 2D > 2S > 5K > jc.K > j.S > j.K > jc.S > j.H
  • 2D > 2S > 5K > jc.K > j.D

Advanced Combos Edit

  • 2D > 2S > 5K > jc.K > j.D > 236D > P > S > H
  • 41236K > 4 FRC > 5K > 2D > 2S > 5K > jc.K > B&B
  • 41236K > 4 > 236D > 2S > 5K > jc.K > B&B
  • 41236K > 4 > 236D > 236D SB > 66 > j.K > B&B
  • 214D > 5S > 236P
  • 214D > dj.K > j.S > j.H
  • 214D > j.66 > 236D > P > H
  • (in corner) 214H > 5P > c.S > jc.K > B&B
Dust Combos
Super Jump (Install) Combos

Character Specific Combos Edit

Vs. Mid to Heavy Characters
  • j.D > j.236D > P > D > S > H
Vs. Anyone Taller Than Ky
  • j.H > land > 5K > 2D > 214D
Vs. Po
  • 236P [meteors]-> 2H > 5P > c.S > 2D > 2S > 2D > 2S > 5K > 66 ]meteors[ > j.K > j.S > j.K > jc.S > j.H
  • 6H > 236236S > 236236S > jFDC.D
Vs. Te
  • (in corner) 6H > 236S RC > 66 > 6H > 236S RC > 66 > 6H > 236S > 9 > P > D > S > H
Vs. KY, PO, ZA, SL, AN, BA
  • 2H > 2P > 2S > 2D > 2S > 5K > jc.K > jc.K > j.S > j.H
Vs. KY, PO, ZA, SL, AN, BA, AX, VE
  • 2H > 5P > c.S > 2D > 2S > 5K > jc.K > jc.K > j.S > j.H

Advanced Analysis Edit

Possibly Helpful facts
  • Faust is still airborne at the end of the hand slap FB, which allows him to double jump or airdash before hitting the ground, as shown in above combos.
  • Faust's hitbox is quite low while crouched, but becomes even lower while crawling, allowing him to duck under bandit bringer, bandit revolver, riot stomp, stun edge, charge stun edge, tandem top, etc. However, doing any low attack while crawling will significantly raise Faust's height and cause him to eat the attack, so wait until after sacred edge is gone before you decide to poke.
  • Doing j.2K into j.236D can become a cross-up or pseudo cross-up depending on the time between the two hits.
  • 2H can be whiff canceled into 5P to end it quicker.

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  • Arakune, BlazBlue's zoning equivalent

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