Traps and GimmicksEdit

  • Pattern Recognition Test

623C > 6C > 5D > 623C > Back to 623C

Tager's most basic tech trap can also be used as an IQ test against your opponent. As a common component of Tager's post-Atomic Collider throws, 6C to 5D knocks the opponent spinning away from Tager freshly magnetized. While performing a Voltaic Charge in this situation is a guaranteed gain, if your opponent is inexperienced or stupid, they may perform their recovery in the air. If you think this is a possibility, instead of the Voltaic Charge, cancel your 5D into Atomic Collider and hold C. If your opponent performs an air recovery, they will come flying back into Tager's merciless clutches; if C is held and released appropriately, they will be hit by AC again, which can be followed by another 6C to 5D, and the tech trap continues if your opponent doesn't learn. This is good to throw out after using the Voltaic Charge combo ender periodically anyway, as if your opponent gets trained to assume they will see a Charge, you will net you free damage.

If you actually hit an opponent who has a fundamental understanding of the game with this more than twice in a row, I think you are legally entitled to end their lives but check your local laws.

  • Hidden Sparkbolt, Flying Tager

41236D > 7 > 720C

To explain another basic but effective tech trap, Tager wrote a haiku which he keeps on his cellphone's memo pad:

~~After bolt, jump back

Spin your joystick round and round

Fools tech into Buster~~

In other words, you can follow up a Spark Bolt by jumping backwards and using it to buffer a 720 on landing for great justice. If your opponent techs after bouncing, they will pop up right into Tager's mitt. This is a good one because virtually everyone expects the same follow-up to Spark Bolt, so if your opponent is on autopilot, they might get greedy and tech thinking you messed up.

  • 'Oops I dropped the combo OR DID I OH SNAP'

B+C > 236B > pause, 236A > 720C

After training an opponent to expect the double sledge combo after a normal throw, you can suddenly transform this into a 720 opportunity. Instead of following the initial B Sledge after a throw with 5C, instead substitute a second, slightly delayed A Sledge. If your opponent neutral techs, as the A Sledge passes through them during invincibility, you buffer the 720. Your opponent lands, thinking you're a moron for missing such an easy combo, only to require a change of underwear after a GETB.