Jin Kisaragi
Jin Kisaragi
Vital statistics
Appearance BlazBlue
Catchphrase NII-SAN!!! (BROTHER!!!) Musou Senshyouzan (A.K.A TEH ICECARZ)
Weapon Katana (Yukianesa)
Gender Male
Race Human
Organization Novus Orbis Librarium (NOL or The Library)
Origins England
Tier B

Overview Edit

One of the major key roles in the BlazBlue story line. Jin Kisaragi is a versatile, easy to pick up character. While anyone can pick him and do well in a match, learning his combos and mastering his ability to reverse pressuring from an opponent with his Fubuki and Rehhyou DP (Dragon Punch, term commonly used to refer to an attack that grants the user full invincibility on start-up) attacks takes a little more patience than granted.

Move list Edit

Drive attacks freeze opponents on hit. The opponent can shake the stick to defrost faster. If it was possible to shake out of the ice, the combo counter will darken. Once an opponent has been frozen in a combo, they can only be refrozen by a Force Break or Distortion Drive.

Input Attack Quick Notes
B+C Throw. Puts opponent into a stagger state that can be wiggled out of to reduce hitstun.
5A Quick punch that hits high. Jump cancelable.
5B Two hit kick attack. One kick outward and one inward. Second hit has slight vacuum effect and both hits are jump cancelable.
5C Quick horizontal slash. Jump cancelable.
2A Crouching behind-the-back poke with his scabbard.
2B Crouching hand swipe. Moves him forward a little bit and does not knock down.
2C Vertical slash. Jump cancelable.
j.A Jumping punch. Jump cancelable.
j.B Jump kick. Some pretty good reach. Jump cancelable.
j.C Vertical slash that hits above and below him. Jump cancelable.
6A Overhead hit with the hilt of his sword. Can be special/super canceled.
6B Overhead hop kick. Kind of like the second hit of Sol's bandit revolver. Puts Jin in an airborne state and can be special cancelled.
6C Powerful upward swipe of his sword. Has pretty long range and is dash cancellable, but it's got some startup.
3C Sweep with both his feet. Knocks down. Can be special/super canceled but not jump canceled.
5D Gigantic ice wolf head. Dash cancelable.
6D Tall pillar of ice in front of Jin.
2D Distant, angled icesword pointed towards Jin. Has vacuum effect hit. Recovers fast enough to run up and combo if freezes.
j.D Snow flake aura. Special cancelable. This move must be blocked high.
236D Hishougeki (Flying Ice Strike) Giant multi hitting fireball with fast startup and recovery. Can be used to continue pressure. Uses 25% Heat.
j.236D (air) Hishyougeki (Flying Ice Strike) All three air projectiles. Uses 25% Heat.
(j.)214D Musou Tosshougeki (Freezing Crystal Strike) Costs 25% meter. Ice car that knocks the opponent far across the screen. Induces groundslide. Causes knockdown in the air.
623D Hirensou (Dual Ice Strike) This move has 2 hits. 1st hit is a circular flash that hits all around Jin and freezes. It has retarded priority and will beat almost everything including supers. The 2nd hit can be Charged by holding D and is a large horizontal slash. The longer D is held, the less the attack will prorate. When fully charge, the move becomes unblockable. The 2nd hit knocks the opponent across the screen inducing ground slide
236 A/B/C Hishyou Ken (Ice Blade) Ice projectile: A moves slow, B moves fast, C has long startup but very short recovery.
j.236 A/B/C (air) Hishyou Ken (Ice Blade) air ice projectile: A is sharpest angle down, B is about 45 degrees down, C is straight forward.
(j.)214 A/B/C Musou Senshyou Zan (Crystal Strike) The ice car. Range varies with button. A is shortest. B/C will do a followup hit that looks like a jump C.
623 A/B Fubuki (Blizzard) The mist finer. A version comes out faster. Possible to combo after in the corner or on counterhit
623 C Rehhyou (Violent Ice) Vertical slash. This functions as a dragon punch that stays on the ground. Seemingly high priority.
Mash C Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm) A series of 14 hits that launches on the 8th hit. Followable by Distortion Drive.
Distortion Drives
632146 C Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) Causes an icy shockwave that can cause up to 8 hits. Leaves opponent in stunned animation after hit. Can be jumped over.
632146 D Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) Diagonal Ice Arrow super. Followable by air combo.
Astral Finish
720D Rengoku Hyouya (Arctic Dungeon) Utilizing the power of his manipulation over ice using Yukianesa, Jin concentrates all his power into his sword and stabs it into the ground, causing a cage of ice to entrap the opponent. After about 5 seconds of freezing his opponent, Jin then sheathes his sword, causing the ice cage to shatter, killing the opponent on contact. Only hits if the opponent is on the ground. Can break through blocks of all types.
Input Attack Quick Notes

Basic StrategyC Spam as much as your possibly can until you induce your opponent into a block of unescapable ice full of counters. Edit

Combos Edit

Standing Midscreen:

5a, 5b, 5c, 3c, 214c~c

Crouching Midscreen:

5a, 5b, 5c, 6c, DC, 5c, JC, j.b, j.c, JC, j.c, j.d

Standing Corner:

If 50% or more of heatEdit

4c, 6c, 6d, 6b, 531d, 6c, 523d, 4c, 6c, 6d, 4c, 6c

If 25% or more of heat:Edit
If less than 25% heatEdit
5a, 5b, 5c, 623b, dashjump, j.b, j.c, JC, j.c, j.d
4c, 6c, 6d, 6b, 531d, 6c, 6d then as soon as possible 4c, 6c (if lucky, continue with j. 2c and repeat)
4c, 6c, 6d, 6b, 531d (wait for the opponent to stand up), grab, 6c, 6d

Crouching Corner:

Loop Combos:Edit

Anywhere but at the corner:Edit
At the corner:Edit
5a, 5b, 5c, 6c, DC, 5c, JC, j.b, j.c, JC, j.c, j.d
4c, 6c, 3c then wait for the opponent to touch the ground and repeat, make sure he doesn't gets unfreezed
4c, 6c, 6d, and the same from the other combo

Advanced Analysis Edit

Musou Senshyou Zan (214 A/B/C)
You can use the various whiffed versions as a transport move.
A sneaky use is to use the A version at just the right distance where the move ends, but leaves you at throwing range. Whiff into throw.
Ground Hishyou Geki (236 D)
The multiple hits occur in series. In combos or block strings, you can throw out this projectile, run after it, and continue your chain while the projectile is still hitting.
Air Hishyou Geki (236 D)
There is a gap between the second and third projectiles that, when placed just right, forms a "lockdown cage" around your cornered opponent.

Testing/Experiment Edit

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