Rsz ggxxac cs ma
Vital statistics
Appearance GGXXAC
Weapon Fisherman Anchor
Gender Female
Race Human
Organization Jellyfish Pirates
Origins unknown
Tier 7 / 23


Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
5 K kick counts as off-ground, so avoids throws and low attacks.
5 H hard slash staggers on counter-hit. Off-ground for a couple frames: unthrowable, dodge Slide Head.
5 D hold Dust fake Shares dust launcher animation, but ends up attacking low for a launcher.
2 H anchor sweep can hit behind; vacuum on counter hit.
6 P hold towards punch Stun multiplier from ×3.0 to ×4.25 depending on how long button was held. Additional doubling on counter-hit, for ×6.0 to ×8.5 stun multiplier.
6 H hold towards hard slash maximum charge: overhead hit, shorter recovery.
air H air hard slash causes float/launch on counter-hit.
air 2 H anchor drop changes air momentum; FDC capable.
close 63214 K Overhead Kiss Command throw.
41236 P/K/S/H (dolphin hoop) Hold to delay dolphin release (up to 16 seconds).
623 S/H Restive Roller (up) Sends May diagonally upwards.
air 623 H Restive Roller (down) Sends May diagonally downwards.
after Restive Roller any direction + S restive roller follow-up up to 3 times additional attacks.
charge 4, 6 S/H Iruka-san horizontal
charge 2, 8 S/H Iruka-san vertical S version has vacuum effect.
Force Breaks
after Iruka-san (horizontal) 5, 6 D Dolphin turns into projectile.
after Iruka-san (vertical) 5, 8 D Dolphin turns into projectile.
214 D Jackhound Launcher even as OTG.
236236 S Great Yamada Attack giant pink whale.
63214 H Ultimate Brat invincibility at startup.
63214 S Fainting Tailspin Whirlwind up to 9 hits.
follow P Five-River Delta Bomber orca followup.
Instant Kill
4123641236 H May And Her Happy Crew Throw, same distance as command throw.
Input Attack Quick Notes

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Advanced Analysis Edit

5 P
Quick poke, can be used to help extend combos.
Ironically, the safest okizeme against Potemkin (stay out of normal throw range, within command throw range).
Jump cancel.
5 K
May counts as being off the ground, so it can dodge throws (normal/command/super), and avoid many low attacks.
Useful meaty due to throw-invincibility.
Jump cancel
5 S.c close
On counter-hit, causes stun long enough to combo into Dust launcher.
Common combo extender.
Common gatling into 5 H.
Jump cancel.
5 S.f far
Common poke attack.
Jump cancel.
5 H
Causes stagger on counter-hit.
May creeps forward very slightly.
May is off the ground for a very few frames, leaving her throw invincible and able to dodge Potemkin's Slide Head.
Large hit box and small collision box makes for a relatively safe, shield-like attack.
5 D
Dust launcher (start Dust combo).
Long horizontal range, can be used as meaty okizeme attack.
Hold for fake Dust.
5 D hold
Fake dust launcher.
Hits low for launcher.
Jump cancel.
2 P
Damage buffering ("prorate") if used as a combo starter.
No penalties if used as a combo extender.
Can spam as OTG combo for a few pixels of life.
Jump cancel; the only crouching attack that can be Jump Canceled.
2 K
Damage buffering ("prorate") if used as a combo starter.
Vaguely resembles 2D, providing chance for 2K,5H or 2K,2D mixups.
2 S
Decent poke attack.
Advantage over 5 S.f is the ability to charge for either vertical or horizontal Iruka-san.
2 H
Can hit slightly behind (useful against teleporters, e.g. SL, MI).
Causes sweep.
Causes vacuum on counter hit; hitstun is long enough to land 6P, but better to go into a combo.
2 D
Sweep attack.
Faster than 2H.
Does not hit behind like 2H.
3 K
Long attack range.
Very slow to reach far range, very long recovery.
Can go under various projectiles and attacks.
FRC near end of attack.
6 P
The infamous May Fist.
Stun multiplier ×3.00.
Stun multiplier is further doubled on counter-hit (×6.00).
Upper-body invincibility plus small body means going through more attacks than other characters.
Can be canceled into specials, including Iruka-san.
6 P hold
Hold P for greater stun multiplier.
Longer charge is greater stun.
Release P to attack.
Maximum charge 38 frames (automatically attacks with maximum charge).
Stun multiplier ×3.375 to ×4.250, depending on charge time.
Stun multiplier is further doubled on counter-hit, up to ×6.750 to ×8.500.
Greater push-back with longer charge.
Maximum charge has "Level 6" effect.
6 H
Staggers on counter-hit.
Attack zone ranges from above behind to forward (to the ground).
Can be canceled into specials, including Iruka-san.
6 H hold
Hold H to charge attack.
Release H to attack.
Maximum charge 38 frames (automatically attacks with maximum charge).
Can change directions by the time H is released if opponent changes sides during charge.
Maximum charge counts as overhead.
Recovery shorter than 6H (non-charged).
Recovery is even shorter on maximum charge (can be mistaken for jump cancel).
air P
air K
air S
Attacks downward; can attack through some 6P.
Jump cancel.
air H
Attack zone ranges from below behind to above ahead.
Causes floater launch on counter-hit, for combo potential.
air 2 H
Causes momentum change.
Cuts horizontal momentum if done while air dashing.
FDC as j.1H~K.
FDC preserves some of the weird gravity changes caused by j.2H -- extends air time considerably.
SBC as j.1H~S; SB can be done in the middle of an airdash, but not FD.
IAD overhead, then airdash back with j.2H SBC j.2H for ambiguous cross-up.
Can cancel into special
Cancel into 623H Restive Roller for extra air attack.
Cancel into 623S Restive Roller to run away.
Cancel into 623S Restive Roller, 1S followup for fake runaway.
air D
Induces upward momentum.
Stun multiplier ×1.75, so is desirable in dust combos if you're going for stun.
Can hover with j.P, j.D (whiff), j.P, j.D (whiff), repeat.
Jump cancel.


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