Vital statistics
Appearance GGXXAC
Weapon Hands (no weapon)
Gender Male
Race Human
Organization Zepp
Origins Zepp


The grappler of the game, Potemkin lacks air dashes and a forward dash. He still has a backdash, the most invulnerable in the game.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
5 K hits low.
6 K headbutt overhead attack causes stagger.
j.D butt-drop changes air trajectory (falls down). Limited drift by holding joystick left/right.
632146 P Potemkin Buster Strong (unblockable) throw with long range. Can FRC on successful catch.
236 P Megafist Piston (forward) Hopping double-fisted attack. Can FRC.
214 P Megafist Piston (backward) Backward-hopping double-fisted attack. Can FRC.
236 S Slide Head Causes knockdown and slide effect if opponent is on ground.
4 .hold, 6 H Hammerfall Sliding double-fisted attack. Can FRC.
follow P Hammerfall Break Cancel slide attack (overall forward-dash effect).
63214 S F.D.B. Flick, reflect projectiles, including overdrives.
follow (successful reflect) F.D.B. Projectile Large slow wall of sparkly pain.
623 H Heat Knuckle upward grab that grabs airborne opponent.
follow 63214H Heat Extend Causes opponent to fly away.
Force Breaks
63214 D Judge Gauntlet Super armor until move ends. Can be interrupted by overdrive.
air 632146 D Air Potemkin Buster Counts as a hit, and therefore air blockable.
632146 H Gigantor shield super.
41236 41236 P Gigantic Build Giant flaming wall of pain.
236236 S Heavenly Potemkin Buster Catches airborne opponent.
Instant Kill
236236 H Magnum Opera a hit that launches, following into one mighty punch.
Input Attack Quick Notes

Basic Strategy Edit

Potemkins normals does abnormal demage, he has destroying overdrives and some unblockable specials. His advantage is his strength, disadvantage is low speed und dash inability. Potemkin reflecst projectiles and use F.D.B. Projectile to lock his opponents. Potemkin moves over the screen with Hammerfall and jump install. Potemkin tries to end every combo with knockdown, because that's the way to ensure that opponent cannot escape from short range, where Potemking is most dangerous.

Moving aroundEdit

Since Potemkin can't dash, use Hammerfall (+ Hammerfall Break) to quickly get to your opponent. If your opponent attacks you, Hammerfall will absorb first hit as long as it isn't an overdrive (not sure about Force Breaks). You can also use forward jump install.

Potemkin Buster (632146 P)Edit

Potemkin Buster is one of your best special moves. It does really good demage and in AC (FRCable) has some good followups. It has a really good range and comes out immediately. You can use it to catch opponents from supers, during specials or as reversal throw. If you have a good timing you can avoid incomming attack with a backdash (during backdash, you are [as well as any other charatcer] invulnerable*) and immediately perform Potemkin buster.

*In the few first frames. You can also be air-thrown while backdashing

Slide Head (236 S)Edit

Since this move is unblockable* and has infinite range it's the ultimate tactic tool. In #Reload it doesn't have any usefull followups and it just make knockdown and gives you time to get closer to opponent, but in AC (because of new, ground sliding & wall sticking system) you can combo it into Heat Knuckle (623 H) or Heavenly Potemkin Buster (236236 S) with some trainig (check 'combos')

*'Blockable low from a short (collide) range. Opponent can avoid it by jumping / Backdashing. From long range does no demage. 09:48, April 3, 2011 (UTC)by K0rn4lsky [p.kornalsky(at)]

Combos Edit

Some combos are possible in AC & AC+ only

Slidehead (236 S) -> Get close to opponent with Hammerfall Break ([4]-6 + H -> P) or Jump Install -> 5K -> 2S -> Heat Knuckle (623 H) {-> Heat Extend (63214 H)}

Slidehead (236 S) -> Get close to opponent with Hammerfall Break ([4]-6 + H -> P) or Jump Install -> 5K -> 2S -> 2H -> Heavenly Potemkin Buster (236236 S) – 50% Tension

Throw (Close 6/4 H) -> FRC -> 5S -> 2S -> Heat Knuckle (623 H) {-> Heat Extend (63214 H)} – 25% Tension

Potemkin Buster (632146 P) -> FRC {-> 5S} -> 2S -> Heat Knuckle (623 H) {-> Heat Extend (63214 H)} – 25% Tension

Potemkin Buster (632146 P) -> FRC {-> 5S} -> 2S -> 2H -> Heavenly Potemkin Buster (236236 S) – 75% Tension

5K -> 2S -> 2D -> RC -> 5S -> 2S -> Heat Knuckle (623 H) {-> Heat Extend (63214 H)} – 50% Tension

6H (counter) -> Megafist Piston (forward) (236 P) (miss) -> small delay 5S -> 2S -> Heat Knuckle (623 H) {-> Heat Extend (63214 H)}

6H (counter) -> Megafist Piston (forward) (236 P) (miss) -> small delay 5S -> 2S -> 6H -> Heavenly Potemkin Buster (236236 S) – 50% Tension

6P *(anti-air counter) -> 5S -> Heat Knuckle (623 H) {-> Heat Extend (63214 H)}

*6P has upper body invincibility so it's potemkins great anti-air normal. 10:50, April 3, 2011 (UTC)by K0rn4lsky [p.kornalsky(at)]

Advanced Analysis Edit

2H is (with some good timing) universal move to take out both Fausts "Look out below" (214 P/K) and his "In your Face" (214 S) moves.

6P is great anti-air normal – now jump cancelable in Accent Core (combo into -> Aireal PB -> Knockdown)

Potemkin Buster ( 632146 P ) can be connected after 6K, 2S(CH) and F.D.B. (63214 S) [moves that give staggering state]

You can perform Potemkin Buster ( 632146 P ) right after blocked j.D or Megafist Piston (forward) ( 236 P ) or in this situation: Opponent is getting up from a ground - few frames before his hitboxes start beeing active, you pretend to start okizeme ( with a quick attack like 5P/5K, which won't hit them actually ) and opponent'll think he's going to block incomming attack, but you perform Potemkin Buster. 11:16, April 29, 2011 (UTC)P.Kornalsky(at)

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