Vital statistics
Appearance GGXXAC
Weapon variable-form Fuuraiken clone
Gender Robot
Race Robot Overlord
Organization Post-War Administration Bureau


Instead of a Tension Gauge, Robo-Ky has a Power Gauge. The Power Gauge acts much like the Tension Gauge, but Robo-Ky's special attacks change depending on three levels of the Power Gauge: Level 1 (0%), Level 2 (1% - 49%), and Level 3 (50%-100%).

Robo-Ky also has a second meter, a Heat Gauge. Robo-Ky's automatic systems attempt to maintain a nominal temperature of 30C (i.e. 30C is normal). The Heat Gauge has a maximum of 100C, at which point Robo-Ky explodes from overheating, taking damage (self-injury). Most attacks cause Robo-Ky to build up heat; certain attacks reduce it. Some of Robo-Ky's normal attacks change depending on three levels of the Heat Gauge: Level 1 (30C - 49C), Level 2 (50C - 79C), Level 3 (80C - 100C).

Note: 100C attacks are only possible after winning, when overheat effects are disabled; otherwise, Robo-Ky overheats and explodes at 100C.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
6 P (× 3) "Shotgun"; massively increases Heat Gauge.
6 H "Steam Exhaust"; 3 levels based on Heat Gauge. Reduces heat.
2 S "Eye Laser"; Robo-Ky's sweep attack.
2 H "Knee Rocket"; Robo-Ky launches a Rocket up at a 45 degree angle.
- Overheat automatically occcurs when Heat Gauge reaches 100C.
downed PK Delayed Wakeup Robo-Ky starts talking smack while lying down, and gets up later than normal. Loses a little Power Gauge, gives a little Tension to opponent.
2 D Zadan-Ky Lays down an energy mat, increasing Power/Tension Gauge gain rate for anyone standing on top.
236 S Kurattoku Ky "Bazooka"; 3 levels based on Power Gauge. Launches (multi-hit) bazooka shell from shoulders.
214 S Ky-Genshou "Horsie"; 3 levels based on Power Gauge. Assault with a robotic horse.
623 H Ky-Maku Home Run "Uppercut"; 3 levels based on Power Gauge. Level 3 automatically leads into the super Ky Kokoro no Ichigeki.
j.236 S Chounai-Ky Bargain "Air Missiles"; 3 levels based on Power Gauge. Launches Missile(s) out of arm.
66, any attack Ita-Ky-geki "Robo-Dash". 19 frames of run-charge. On hit, enters stance building up Power Gauge.
close 63214 K Ky-Denpa Command grab. Drains opponent's Tension/Power Gauge and fills own Power Gauge.
Force Breaks
j.236 D Kyou wa Ky-san Propeller maneuver. Use joystick to move around in air. Reduces heat massively.
236236 S Dame na Yatsu wa Nani mo Yatte mo Dame (DYNYD) Extra robot arms for an onslaught of robotic pummeling. Builds up heat with each hit.
follow 236 S Headbutt follow-up move. At high temperature, causes wall-bounce.
623 H Ky Kokoro no Ichigeki Automatic super after successfully hitting with Level 3 Ky-Maku Home Run (uppercut).
236236 P Gen-Ky Lovers "Self-Destruct Mode". For ten seconds, Robo-Ky moves and recovers faster.
follow (10 seconds) Self Destruct Explosion Then he explodes with 27-hit lightning sphere.
Instant Kill
236236 H 13 Ky-Dan After a strike, release 4 miniature Robo-Kys (the Armored Lightning Legion ) that carry the opponent up into the sky and explode violently.
Input Attack Quick Notes

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