Sol Badguy
Vital statistics
Appearance GGXXAC
Weapon Fuuenken (Fire Sword)
Gender Male
Race Human (Gear?)
Organization N/A
Origins N/A


Sol Badguy is an offensive, close-range, high-risk character.

Movelist Edit

Input Attack Quick Notes
236 P Gunflame fire plume traveling along the ground. Can FRC.
214 P Gunflame Feint Goes through motion for a Gunflame, but no projectile. Recovery is faster.
(j.) 623 S or H Volcanic Viper Two-hit rising uppercut.
follow 214 K Tataki Otoshi knocks opponent straight towards ground.
214 S Grand Viper Slides along ground, finishing with a launcher.
follow 4 6 S H Grand Viper Mash Mash left and right with S and/or H during Grand Viper to increase the number of hits up to 10.
(j.) 236 K Bandit Revolver Hopping spinning kick. Can FRC air version.
236 K .hold Bandit Bringer Hopping downward fire punch.
214 K Riot Stomp Flies to rearward screen, jumping off the edge for a gliding air kick. Can FRC.
623 K Wild Throw Command throw, bounces opponent off ground.
j.236 H Sidewinder Aerial fire punch; 'Clean Hit' causes wall bounce and long untechable time.
Force Breaks
41236 D Fafnir Lunging fire punch; 'Clean Hit' causes wall bounce.
follow 46 D Tyrant Rave Original Double-handed fire strike. Costs additional 25% Tension (i.e. minimum 50% to accomplish)
632146 H Tyrant Rave Beta Uppercut into foward fire punch.
214214 S Dragon Install Short-term mode change; all moves recover faster, some specials have different effects.
214214214214 PH Dragon Install Second Permanent DI with health drain and minimal tension gain. Uses 100% tension.
Instant Kill
236236 H Napalm Death Rising knee attack.
Input Attack Quick Notes

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