Tiers is a generalized, community-consensus rating of a character's chances of winning a match or tournament. Typical factors involve the character's ability to deliver damage (win), ability to avoid damage (not lose), the amount of effort to control the character (ease), and historical match results of the character in the hands of different players. As a result, a character may change tiers over time as new information, new results, and new debates arise. Tier rankings may even vary by region.

S Tier Edit

Top tier. Theses characters are the most likely to win in a match or tournament against any other character.

A Tier Edit

Upper tier.

B Tier Edit

Mid tier.

C Tier Edit

Lower tier.

D Tier Edit

Bottom tier. These characters have the most difficult time winning a match.

"S+" Tier Edit

On occasion, one character may dominate so strongly over all other characters that she/he/it is ranked into a single-character tier, ranked above S tier. Since the reasons for this may be well-known to the community, this tier may be referred to as Character Tier, named after the character in question, to emphasize the singular extreme superiority. Also called "God Tier" to reflect the relative invincibility and the corresponding lack of challenge. Sometimes the characters may be soft-banned by the community due to the consequent predictable outcomes and lack of drama (i.e. boring).